Why This?

We’re not trying to be ‘gay influencers’ or some crap like that. To be honest there’s just so much going on our lives, and we’re both going through so much growth together (and separately) that we felt it important to share the story. We’re not perfect and likely as not the content on here and on Instagram are more of a look behind the scenes than any sort of polished production.

There are a million stories out there of gay couples- we just want to make a million and one.

Ultimately the things we post here will cover a wide variety of topics from our thoughts on relationships, to design projects, technology tinkering, our furkids, and even some travel and social bits. We love to try new hobbies even if we don’t keep them, as it helps us learn and grow and apply those skills to other facets of our lives.

So if you think this is the reality TV version of our lives, that’s probably not far off. Except there’s no scripts, more swearing, and a disappointing lack of sponsorship.